4 Post Covid-19 Travel Trends

Published on February 15, 2021

It’s the million dollar question. What will travel look like in a post Covid-19 world? Coming out of a dismal 2020, many of us are excited to explore the world again, meet new people, learn about fascinating cultures, and create unforgettable memories. But what are the experts telling us to expect in a post Covid-19 world? What post Covid-19 travel trends should we anticipate? While no one can tell for certain when the ‘new normal’ will begin, here are 4 post Covid-19 travel trends which include ways to minimise stress and maximise travel success!

4 post Covid-19 Travel Trends:
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    What is post Covid-19 travel?

    Before discussing post Covid-19 trends, it is good to define what we mean when we refer to post Covid-19 travel. While no one knows for certain and although it will vary drastically depending on the country in question, for our purposes, post Covid-19 travel is the idea of travel when quarantines and lockdowns are mostly over. Whether this will require travelers to be vaccinated beforehand remains to be seen. Essentially, this means traveling in a world where we no longer worry about catching or spreading the virus and being able to enjoy the pleasure of safe travel once again.

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    1. Focus on Supporting Local Businesses

    One trend that is expected in post Covid-19 travel will be the focus on supporting locals and local businesses.

    Throughout 2020, there was a fantastic surge in supporting independent businesses. Communities pulled together to buy local products, and it is expected that this trend will extend into our travel habits in the future. If you feel connected to the idea of supporting the country you’re visiting, we recommend that when you’re traveling you stay at smaller boutique hotels rather than large chains, buy hand-crafted local souvenirs rather than cheap trinkets from foreign chains and visit local restaurants to help stimulate the local economy. 

    At our Getaways, it is one of our primary goals to ensure we support local businesses in the curation of all of our activities as well as in the planning of the delicious vegan meals we consume while we’re traveling. For example, at our Live With Purpose Getaway in Bali, we visit an organic farm that utilizes all organic produce from their own farm and their proceeds go towards sending the local children to university in hope of giving them a brighter future.  

    Support local independent businesses when at home and abroad!

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    2. Desire for Community/Connection

    Another post Covid-19 travel trend that experts predict is the desire for connection and socializing after such a long period of isolation from our friends and family. 

    2020 has not completely stopped us from socializing. We are lucky to live in a technologically advanced world with communication tools like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp, which enable us to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones regardless of where they are in the world. But scientists have long since proven that even the introverts among us need face-to-face human connection. With the restrictions of the worldwide lockdowns, it has been nearly impossible to meet and maintain friendships with new people. 

    We’ve always said that it’s impossible for us to describe the magic that takes place when groups of like-minded individuals come together in inspiring locations and experience the cultivation of a supportive community while discovering new cultures together. 

    Beginning in 2022, through our getaways, we aim to foster connections between even more wonderful people and to help people heal from the segregation that we have all felt for the last year. 

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    3. Sustainable Plant Based Retreat

    One of the great things to come out of 2020 is a renewed interest in sustainability. During various lockdowns, we had the privilege of watching nature recover. There were particularly entertaining viral videos such as goats in Wales strolling through towns, and sheep playing at a children’s playpark. It was heart-warming to read stories about pronghorns venturing into the sun-scorched lowlands of Death Valley national park for the first time, and to hear ranger reports about the record number of animal sightings in Yosemite valley.

    People around the world have a newfound appreciation for nature. During the lockdowns people even reported hearing birdsong for the first time from their balconies when traffic came to a standstill. Hopefully, this acknowledgement and love of nature, coupled with a focus on sustainability, is a trend that will continue in all parts of life, not just travel.

    One way of helping the environment on your travels is to choose a group tour that is ethical and adopts sustainable travel practices. Opt to stay in a hotel that has eco-friendly toiletries and keep sustainable habits while you travel.

    Another way to travel more sustainably is to reduce country hopping travel. Many cruise ships are notoriously bad for the environment. Their fast itineraries, cramming as many cities into a trip as possible, result in locals rarely seeing any economic benefit.

    Passenger meals and accommodation are provided on board the ship, and not in the town they’re visiting. In order to prioritise sustainability in the post Covid-19 world, try to focusing on one country or culture per trip. It can be incredibly rewarding to get to know one country, its people, and its food in more detail. This will not only result in less stress but will make for an overall more relaxing trip as your time will not be spent just in transit. 

    During our annual trip to Tuscanywe immerse ourselves in the historic Italian culture, learn about vegan wines, go on a trip to the 5 colourful seaside villages of Cinque Terre and relax during our revitalizing spa experience. 

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    4. Local Expertise

    One thing that we have learned in 2020 is that travel is a privilege and not a right. All of us are looking forward to once again discovering new places, meeting new people and fully immersing ourselves in the joy of travel! In order to really enjoy the privilege of traveling again and enabling ourselves to have a relaxing experience, experts predict that the need for local expertise will be crucial.

    Consulting with local experts who know the current protocols and are up-to-speed on the ever changing regulations will be key in moving forward, and rightly so. While this certainly throws an extra monkey wrench into the travel experience, it’s also a great way to support the local economy and connect with experts on the location you’re visiting. 

    After a year of cancelled trips, staycations and vegan-friendly holidays were postponed, many of us are over the moon about the prospect of post Covid-19 travel. We’ve already packed our bags and dug out our flight credits, and we’re now just waiting for the international green light for safe travel! 


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