A Fabulous Vegan Adventure

Bali, Indonesia

October 22 - November 1, 2019

A Fabulous Vegan Adventure

We’re going back to Bali! But this time we’re headed to the west coast with the hilarious and incredibly talented Timothy Pakron of Mississippi Vegan

We’ll be staying in a stunning villa in Canggu where we’ll enjoy a relaxing schedule filled with poolside hangs, massages, breathtaking sunsets, and delicious vegan food mapped out by Timothy. We’ll also embark on some inspiring excursions including: two days of culture, a beach day and a day in Bali’s spiritual center, Ubud. 

Timothy will also host two very special cooking experiences celebrating local produce, which will feature tips on food styling and how to create a successful online presence. 

Join us for fabulous once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, relax and connect in paradise! 


What is this Getaway all About?

A Fabulous Vegan Adventre is a 10-day, plant-based getaway that will take place in Bali, Indonesia where we’ll be staying in a stunning, luxury villa in Canggu and eating an endless barrage of delicious vegan recipes selected by the fabulous Mississippi Vegan, We will spend ample time relaxing, but will also enjoy a number of adventures all over the island together. 

Our goal is to celebrate a plant-based lifestyle, as well as to help participants who are either transitioning into or curious about veganism. Our focus will include the highlights below. 



This Getaway will include 2 meals per day which will be a combination of Mississippi Vegan recipes and some local favorites. As always, all of the food we eat on the retreat will be completely plant-based and 100% delicious.



It is very important to us that we spend time learning about Bali's rich history and exploring cultural sites, so on our culture day we will visit a selection of temples and cultural landmarks with our awesome local team.



While it’s important to learn and grow, it’s equally as important to relax and let all of the amazing things we’re experiencing sink in. There will be lots of time to connect, hang out, lounge by the pool and get massages.



Hanging out, getting to know each other, embarking on on new and exciting adventures, eating delicious plant-based food, doing yoga, relaxing, learning... fun is a priority and with this agenda, it's inevitable!  

Mississippi Vegan Food Highlights

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About The Experts

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-15 at 01.49.202


The Getaway Co.’s founder, it is Amanda’s mission to provide inspiring travel experiences to compassionate people in stunning locations across the globe. As a PR and event management expert, Amanda has over 15 years of experience working with everyone from Lady Gaga to Kendrick Lamar, to entrepreneurial groups, to corporate teams, and everyone in between! 



Timothy Pakron, also known as Mississippi Vegan, is a photographer, blogger, recipe developer, and cookbook author. His passions are cooking, celebrating plants and mushrooms, and making people laugh. An avid potato enthusiast and wine drinker, Timothy enjoys listening to music, gardening, and cooking for his friends.

Our Beautiful Villa

Theanna Eco Villas, Canggu

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Calendar Of Events


October 22
2:00pm Check In +
Get Comfortable
7:30pm Welcome Drinks
8:00pm Dinner + Intros.


October 23
8:30am Family Breakfast
9:30am Culture Day#1 (with lunch)


October 24
9:00am Family Breakfast
10:30am Free Time
5:30pm Cooking Experience
7:00pm Dinner @ Villa


October 25
8:00am Family Breakfast
9:00am Ubud Day (with lunch)


October 26
9:00am Breakfast 10:30am Free Time
6:00pm Sunset Cocktails
7:00pm Dinner
8:30pm Night Out!


October 27
9:00am Family Breakfast
10:30am Free Time
5:30pm Cooking Experience
7:00pm Dinner @ Villa


October 28
8:00am Family Breakfast
9:00am Cultural Excursion #2 (with lunch)


October 29
9:00am Family Breakfast
10:30am Free Time
7:00pm Dinner @ Villa


October 30
8:00am Family Breakfast
9:00am Beach Excursion (with lunch)


October 31 Halloween!
9:00am Family Breakfast
10:30am Free time
7:00pm Farewell Dinner + Costume Party


November 1
9:00am Final Breakfast 11:00am Check Out

Calendar of events subject to change.

Our Packages

2900 USD

One Person, king-sized bed

2900 USD
2500 USD/ person

Two twin beds and you will be paired with a roommate or friend

2500 USD/ person
2500 USD/ person

Two people, double bed

2500 USD/ person

Flight is not included in the above prices.

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Included in all packages:

  • 10 nights accommodation at a luxury Balinese resort
  • 2 delicious plant-based meals per day
  • 4 special excursions (Two Days of Culture, A Beach Day and a day in Ubud)
  • Opening and closing parties 
  • 2 cooking experiences and talks with Mississippi Vegan
  • 2 massages
  • Airport pickup
  • 1 unforgettable experience 
  • 1 group of amazing new friends 
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