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A Guide to Vegan Travel in Italy

Breath-taking architecture, stunning scenery, warm Mediterranean sun and incredible pieces of art – Italy is an amazing holiday destination! Yet how easy is vegan travel in Italy? Italian cuisine typically conjures up images of gorgonzola cheese, Parma ham, pepperoni and gelato – not very vegan-friendly! …

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A Guide to Vegan Travel in Portugal

With 3000 hours of glorious sunshine, golden sandy beaches, spectacular cities, magical castles and charming villages – Portugal is a fantastic holiday destination. But how easy is vegan travel in Portugal? Whilst Portuguese cuisine conjures images of seafood and flaky egg pastries, Portugal is surprisingly …

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5 reasons why vegan travel is still hard in 2020

Colorful smoothies, decorative vegan donuts, beautiful buddha bowls, yummy burgers and scrumptious curries fill your social feed when you type in vegan travel. There is so much delicious plant-based food to try around the globe. With the rise of veganism there is more awareness and …

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