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top vegan destination in Switzerland

Vegan Travel In Switzerland: The Complete Guide in 2022

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents When considering travel in Switzerland, a country famous for its chocolate and cheese, you are probably skeptical as to whether it’s the right country to visit as a vegan. Luckily, if you …

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vegan beach Portugal

20 Sustainable Travel Tips

Most of us agree that sustainable travel should be the only way to travel! Yet there is some confusion around what sustainable and responsible tourism is, and how we can be more conscious travellers.  To answer these pressing questions, we’ve created a handy guide on …

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Retreat Cuisine: How It Can Make Or Break Your Group’s Experience

Retreat Cuisine: How It Can Make Or Break Your Group’s Experience

This blog post was taken from an engaging Q&A session between The Getaway Co. and WeTravel, which is a fantastic resource for sustainable tourism companies and retreat leaders alike. Food nourishes our bodies and deeply influences how we feel. What we eat can have a bearing on …

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4 Post Covid-19 Travel Trends in 2022

4 Post Covid-19 Travel Trends

It’s the million dollar question. What will travel look like in a post Covid-19 world? Coming out of a dismal 2020, many of us are excited to explore the world again, meet new people, learn about fascinating cultures, and create unforgettable memories. But what are …

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A Guide to Vegan Bali Travel in 2022

A Guide to Vegan Travel in Bali

A quick vegan Bali getaway is one of the most magical experiences that you can ever have. Gorgeous waterfalls, fascinating temples, colourful ceremonies, lush rice paddies and an abundance of vegan-friendly food makes Bali a great place to visit as a vegan! Did you know …

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The Best Vegan Italy Guide: Read This Before You Plan Your Perfect Getaway In 2022

A Guide to Vegan Travel in Italy

Breath-taking architecture, stunning scenery, warm Mediterranean sun and incredible pieces of art – Italy is absolutely one of the best holiday destinations for vegans! Yet how easy is vegan travel in Italy? Italian cuisine typically conjures up images of gorgonzola cheese, Parma ham, pepperoni and …

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beach destination for vegans

A Guide to Vegan Travel in Portugal

With 3000 hours of glorious sunshine, golden sandy beaches, spectacular cities, magical castles and charming villages – Portugal is a fantastic vegan holiday destination. But how easy is vegan travel in Portugal? Whilst Portuguese cuisine conjures images of seafood and flaky egg pastries, Portugal is …

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vegan soul food

5 reasons why vegan travel is still hard in 2022

Colorful smoothies, decorative vegan donuts, beautiful buddha bowls, yummy burgers and scrumptious curries fill your social feed when you type in vegan travel. There is so much delicious plant-based food to try around the globe. With the rise of veganism there is more awareness and …

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