Riomaggiore, Italy - Sept 11, 2015: Sunset in Riomaggiore, one of the five village in the famous


It is very important to us that we spend time learning about Tuscany's rich history - including that of the very historical villa we'll be living in! Our excursions will also be rich in culture, information, and fun, not to mention delicious vegan Tuscan wine!



This Getaway will include 3 meals per day from Timothy's amazing library of plant-based recipes, many of which we will cook together! A classic Italian breakfast followed by two additional meals ranging from pizza and pasta, to pool side BBQs.



While it’s important to learn and grow, it’s equally as important to relax and let all of the amazing things we’re experiencing sink in. There will be lots of time to connect, hang out, lounge by the pool and chat about living a plant-based life.