Frequently Asked Questions

The Getaway Co. FAQ

The Getaway Co. is a fully plant-based travel company that carefully curates life-changing, getaways worldwide. The Getaway Co. takes the guesswork out of planning, so there is no need to worry about finding beautiful accommodations, delicious 100% plant-based food, alluring excursions, experiences within the local culture, transportation and an amazing group of friends to connect with on the getaway.

Space is limited to approximately 15-25 guests on each getaway experience. Any variation depends on our hotel partners, how many rooms they have available and whether people sign up for double or single packages.

We intentionally do not overbook our getaways and offer waitlists for our trips that have sold out. 

Our group members are anywhere from 21-75! There is always a big mix of amazing vegan travellers on our holidays, and our getaways are designed to include adventure, relaxation, group activities and free time. We aim to offer a comfortable, safe environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

Yes! Around 50% of our getaway trips are made up of solo travellers. Group holidays are the perfect way to meet new like-minded people, but there is always a mix of wonderful couples and friends as well.

Yes, absolutely. One of The Getaway Co.’s missions is to provide our guests with a safe, supportive and inspiring environment whereby they can learn about and try living a vegan lifestyle. We’ve had many guests join one of our trips and then go completely vegan afterwards! With this said, we do expect our travellers to eat vegan while they’re on our trips as we’ve also promised a meat and dairy free environment to all of our other guests.

As mentioned, we do expect that all of our guests adhere to a vegan diet throughout our group activities and at all shared meal times. However, you can choose personal dining during your free time when you are not with the group. Please note that our group activities are dedicated to a fully vegan experience, meaning all meals catered to on the holiday will be strictly vegan, including all cooking classes and demonstrations.

You are never obligated to participate in any activities you do not wish to join. Our itineraries are designed to offer diverse experiences, and you can choose which ones resonate with you. As our holidays are sold as a package, there will be no refunds should you chose not to participate in a particular activity. 

Individuals with food allergies or intolerances are generally very welcome to join our trips. However, we require advance notice of your allergies and a clear description of their severity. Please be aware that the standard of medical care in the locations we visit may differ from what you are accustomed to in your home country. Therefore, we strongly recommend ensuring that your insurance covers any potential medical issues you may encounter while travelling. 

Additionally, bringing any necessary medications is crucial, as they may not be readily available without a doctor’s prescription during your travels. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. In the case that our team believes the destination can not reliably accommodate a severe food allergy we may suggest you join a more suitable getaway.

The founder of The Getaway Co. and all of our content creator host partners are indeed 100% vegan and are working everyday to inspire people to move towards a plant-based lifestyle.

While everyone is on their own personal journey, our team members around the world are either vegan, or very happy to adhere to a fully vegan lifestyle during the trips. We understand that individuals may be at different points in their journey towards veganism, so everywhere we go we work to educate and encourage the local populations to learn about what it means to live a cruelty free life. 

Yes, we are deeply committed to supporting animal welfare causes. We incorporate meaningful animal welfare activities into each of our trips. We take pride in our stance against engaging in animal tourism, such as zoos or photo opportunities with wildlife. Our focus is on fostering positive connections with animals through responsible and ethical encounters, contributing to the well-being of animals and their natural habitats.

Although the demand for vegan options is growing, not all our locations offer exclusively vegan establishments. For this reason, not all restaurants we dine at are vegan, but it is our hope that more options will become available in the future. Our commitment to a vegan dining experience is unwavering, and all menu items are thoughtfully curated and pre-planned to adhere to our vegan principles. Our dedicated team members personally visit each location to ensure the best vegan food options in the region. We go the extra mile to collaborate with chefs willing to create delicious vegan dishes for our guests.

Unfortunately, due to size, availability and other various restrictions, it’s not yet possible to book fully vegan accommodations in all the different places we visit around the world. We prioritise selecting the best available hotels in each city, considering factors such as the area’s safety, the quality and comfort of the rooms, the range of facilities offered, and the possibility of booking the entire accommodation for added privacy when feasible. This sometimes means that the hotels may not hold a specific vegan certification. However, we are deeply committed to providing a fully vegan experience for our guests. We work closely with our selected accommodations’ catering and kitchen staff to ensure that all meals, including breakfast options, beverages, and coffee, adhere to vegan principles. Rest assured, our meticulous attention to detail ensures guests enjoy a worry-free and completely vegan dining experience throughout their stay. Your comfort and culinary satisfaction are our top priorities.

Everything you need for a fab vegan holiday is included in the price! This means airport transfers, accommodation, food, activities, etc.! Over the course of the week, there are only 2 lunches that aren’t included, so you can venture off and try some options on your own.

At this point in time, our holidays are generally 21+. That said, sometimes we make exceptions for kids that are 16+ if they’re travelling with their parents.

Our wonderful local vegan guide helps organise our logistics. If you’d like additional time in the destination, our dedicated team can help you book additional activities or extend your stay.

Our travellers come from all over the world, so it’s not possible for us to include flights in our packages. However, the international nature of our getaways makes them much more fun! Our team will assist you with organising airport transfers so as soon as you land at the airport our staff and a few other members of the group will be there to welcome you. Our goal is to make the journey as stress-free as possible.

Yes! Our fabulous and inspiring host partners are as much a part of our group as anybody else! They’re joining our fabulous holidays to hang out, learn about the destination and have a great time, so there are always many opportunities to chat about a vegan lifestyle together. 

Read through the terms of our Event Participation Agreement HERE

Hopefully this has helped to answer some of your questions! But if you find you’ve thought of some more, head over to the contact form and send us a message!